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ITV greenlights Korean ‘battle of wits’ format Genius Game

10 Oct 2023

Remarkable Entertainment to produce eight-part series

ITV is adapting hit Korean gameshow format The Genius Game, a reality series which tests player’s intelligence and social savviness in a battle of wits.


The PSB has commissioned an eight-part series from Remarkable Entertainment.

Described by ITV as an ‘extreme competition of building alliances’, the game sees ten players compete against each other in matches that test their social skills.  

Players are chosen based on their intelligence, charisma, and social IQ, with the game testing their analytical reasoning, attention to detail, memory and loyalty in order to be crowned ‘the genius’ and win a cash prize.

The series was ordered by head of entertainment Katie Rawcliffe and commissioning editor Joe Mace.


Tamara Gilder, joint managing director of Remarkable who serves as executive producer for the series said that Remarkable has been “obsessive about making the UK version of The Genius Game, almost as obsessive as you need to be to win it. It’s a true passion project of ours, and it’s brilliant to be making it with Katie Rawcliffe and Joe Mace at ITV Entertainment who love it as much as we do. The Genius Game is the best gameshow you’ve never seen.” 

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